Going through a divorce can be a grueling emotional battle. Your divorce attorney can be a valuable asset on your side who is equipped to handle the case for you. Here are a few things that only an experienced divorce lawyer can do for you:

1) Fair Distribution of Assets: The most difficult part of your divorce may be the division of assets. Suppose you and your loved one had been living a certain lifestyle for a prolonged period of time. In some states it is your right to maintain that lifestyle for the rest of your life. Your divorce attorney can help you get what is rightfully yours and help you live a normal life after your divorce.

2) Negotiating with the other Attorney: It is definitely possible to have a mutual divorce, but if you’re the one directly negotiating the terms with your ex’s attorney then it might not end that way. You can use your attorney as a proxy, and have him or her calmly negotiate the best divorce settlement for you.

3) Evaluate Settlement Offers: During the course of the divorce, you may be offered settlements in order to speed up the finalization of the divorce. However, usually when offered these settlements they may seem fair, but in reality are lopsided and favor the other person. An experienced divorce attorney can help you evaluate what the best offer is and makes sure that you do not get the shorter end of the stick.

4) Custody, Child Support, and Alimony: A divorce can become a bit messier if there are children involved. Depending on how old the child is, the child can decide on the parent that they would like to live with. But, this isn’t always the case. Often times, both parents fight for custody of their children and it is up in the court’s hands to decide who the children go to, but with an experienced attorney they can help show the judge that you are the better parent and award you custody. Also, these attorneys can help set up fair visitation rights for each parent and also make sure that the other parent who has the permanent custody receives an adequate amount of child support and alimony.

5) Anticipate legal Issues that you may not have even thought about: Your divorce attorney has an extensive experience in cases like yours, so he or she knows how to get ahead of potential problems.

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